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About Fokea

Enjoy your trips using our application

Plan your Boat Trips
Schedule your trips effortlessly from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.
Discover Where to Go Next
Check what your contacts in FOKEA or other Fokeans have shared about locations and experiences.
Find Friends
Connect with other FOKEAns that share the same interests.
Share your Memories
Record your trips, upload memories of your experiences and places and share them make with the FOKEA community.
Discover Local Shops and Services
Find what you or your boat needs (i.e., fuel in the next marina you visit, oils, etc.). Discover restaurants, local shops, and stunning secret places to make the most of your visit.
Request Assistance while on a trip
You can proactively choose to share your location with friends or in case of an emergency, through FOKEA you can safely share your current position and request assistance.
Manage your Boat
Use the services of a Boat Parking via FOKEA to maximize your time in the water. If already a customer ask them to contact us and digitize their Boat Parking

Schedule your Trips

Schedule and manage your current or upcoming trips with FOKEA.

Find nice places, beaches and marinas close to you and enjoy your trip!

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Services close to you!

Find whatever you need such as fuel, restaurants, places to visit and other stuff close to your position. Hence, you have no worries!

My Trip Memories

You can store your trip memories into our application! Use them in the next trips as points of interests and Share them with your friends!

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Become a Partner

Join FOKEA as a partner and boost your business with our innovative platform for nautical tourism. Contact us today and discover the benefits of being part of our network.

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